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Learn About Healthcare Valuators

Are you involved in a transaction or other process that requires a valuation? Interested in the role of healthcare valuation professionals? Here is the perfect starting point. These informational articles cover what you should know about valuations as well as the way a healthcare valuator will assist you and your business.


In addition, we have related articles published on our affiliated site, The Ambulatory M&A Advisor. The full affiliated articles list appears below.

Rapid Changes in the Healthcare Market Demand Qualified Healthcare Valuation Professionals

The healthcare market’s evolution has led to a number of changes that impact valuations in healthcare transactions. As a result, it is imperative to hire qualified healthcare valuation professionals. Discover more about the issue in this article.

Determining and Increasing Your ASC’s Value

Wonder what you can do to find out more about the value of your ASC and possible ways to increase its value? Find answers to common questions about this topic.

Valuations Series

This six part series breaks down a number of elements related to business valuations. This is intended to provide a richer understanding of major terms used in valuations and what it means for the organization.

Part One: Fair Market Value – An Introduction

The first part of the series focuses on creating a more in-depth understanding of the regulatory, practical and logical elements and applications of Fair Market Value (FMV).

Part Two: Fair Market Value and You

Part two continues to explore what FMV is and how it can affect an ambulatory care center seller. Moving past the textbook definition, this article focuses on what it does so you can better utilize FMV for your business.

Part Three: When to Invest in Investment Value

The third part of the series highlights investment value and strategic value. It applies investment value specifically to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to help people involved in ASC transactions.

Part Four: Market Value Defined

Part four introduces another term that appears within valuations: market value. It explains what it is and how it may be determined within a transaction.

Part Five: Market Value and Arm’s Length Negotiations

The fifth part builds from the fourth and goes into more detail about the way the market value approach may be used to determine FMV and how bargaining may be used as market data within the valuation process.

Part Six: Conclusion

The final part of the valuations series highlights major points raised throughout the series and brings them all together to help those looking for information on valuations.